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4-A:40-B:C 20 lbs. ABC Z-Series Fast Flow Fire Extinguisher

4-A:40-B:C 20 lbs. ABC Z-Series Fast Flow Fire Extinguisher

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Featuring a new, proprietary zinc-enriched coating, the AMEREX model 791 12 lbs. ABC dry chemical Z-series fast flow has a UL rating of 4-A:40-B:C. Fast Flow models discharge at high flow rates, delivering more pounds of extinguishing agent per second to supply the safest and fastest 3-dimensional knock-down capability. This extinguisher is the ultimate choice for industrial, offshore, construction, and mining applications. This durable extinguisher comes with a 12-year warranty.

Features our proprietary zinc-enriched coating
Fast flow models discharge at high flow rates
Ideal for high-risk areas
ABC dry chemical
Simple operation and maintenance
Highest achievable UL rating
Severe corrosion tested in accordance with ISO 21207
For use on sites where heavy industrial, manufacturing, mining or processing takes place, or anywhere else chemical-or-corrosive intensive work takes place
Large, easy-to-use stainless steel pull pin with nylon wire chain
Heavy duty UV resistant nameplate
UL rating 4A:40B:C
Average discharge rate of 1.20 lbs./second
Bracket included

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