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30 Gal. Siphoning System

30 Gal. Siphoning System

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30 Gal. Siphoning Feeder. Prevent ugly mineral stains caused by irrigation well water. Also use to automatically feed your lawn or repel pests every time you water. The American Hydro Systems Green Feeder hooks up to the irrigation supply to capture iron, calcium and other minerals that can stain landscapes and clog equipment, or to dispense fertilizer and Pest repellent. The siphoning system works with above-ground (Centrifugal) pumps and will last approximately 30 hours of irrigation time.

Easy to install and service, no moving parts
Hooked up to irrigation water supply
UV resistant
Only for use with above-ground (centrifugal) well pumps
30 Gal. size
Removable flip-off lid
Feeds at the rate of approximately 1 GPH - lasts 30 hours
Captures iron, calcium and other minerals that can cause stains
Can be used with grass for green fertilizer or nature shield pest control
Prevents stains

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