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1 in. x 300 ft. White PEX-A Expansion Pipe

1 in. x 300 ft. White PEX-A Expansion Pipe

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Apollo ExpansionPEX is cross-linked polyethylene tubing designed for use within potable water piping systems. Produced using a Peroxide method, Apollo ExpansionPEX is PEX-A pipe. Having been in use for over 50 years PEX-A pipe has the highest rate of cross-linking of any PEX pipe. Apollo ExpansionPEX is the most flexible PEX pipe available. Apollo ExpansionPEX Pipe provides superior durability, corrosion resistance and flexibility for the most demanding environments. Apollo ExpansionPEX is available with red, white and blue print lines for the simple identification of cold water, hot water and main water lines. The Apollo ExpansionPEX system is a comprehensive cold expansion piping system comprised of brass fittings, poly alloy fittings, manifolds, valves, fasteners, tools and tubing designed for implementation in water delivery systems, simple or complex.

Pipe is opaque in color with a black print line for easy identification
Apollo ExpansionPEX pipe is compatible with both expansion and crimp, clamp or sleeve methods of joining
Compatible with Tectite by Apollo push-to-connect fittings
Meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM F876, F877, F1807, F1960, F2023, F2080 and F2159
Heat-reparable if kinked during installation thus further eliminating additional repair connections
Shape memory inherent in PEX-A tubing results in the shrinking of expanded pipe to normal size, creating strong, durable and reliable ASTM F1960 fitting connections
Maximum cross-linking increases flexibility and resistance to cracking
Available in a variety of lengths including 100 ft. and 300 ft. coils
Compatible with Uponor and Wirsbo PEX piping systems
Apollo expansion PEX (PEX-A) has less coil memory than traditional PEX pipe and resists the urge to remain coiled
Maximum Pressures & Temperatures: 160 psi @ 73.4¡ã F, 100 psi @ 180¡ã F, 80 psi @ 200¡ã F
The pipe may be installed in concrete, gypsum-based lightweight concrete, sand, asphalt, in or under wood flooring, or behind wallboard or plaster
CSA B137.22

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